strategy, positioning and planning

Set yourself up for success.

It's tempting to rush into getting a marketing campaign live without taking the time to plan your strategy.

If you start your marketing activity without taking time to create a strategy, decide on your positioning and with a practical plan, you're doomed to fail.

I can help you. I'll work with you to create a strategy that will achieve your goals and works within your budget.

How does the planning process work?


Define your goals and objectives

What do you want to achieve for your business?

Get under the skin of your customer

Understand their motivations, pain points and triggers.

Craft compelling marketing messages and hooks

What will resonate with your customer?

Channel Planning

Delve into the marketing toolkit and create a plan which works for you, your budget and will reach your customer.

Do you need help?

  1. Book a discovery call or drop me an email.

  2. Tell me about your business and what you'd like to achieve.

  3. I'll come up with a proposal with costings and a plan.

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