3 ways to use TikTok (without making videos)

How do you feel about TikTok?

If you're an Xennial like me (yes it really is a thing, Google it) you may be think it's a young person's game.

But, don't ignore it (age is but a number after all) for where TikTok goes the other social media platforms follow.

Did you see Instagram announce last week the arrival of their 'immersive' style feed. That means Instagram is going to start looking and feeling more like TikTok - full screen video and photos. But mainly lots of video (let's be honest).

So even if you don't go full Tok (don't think that's a thing) don't go full ostrich on TikTok.

It really is shaking up how we connect with our audiences

So here are three ways to use TikTok without actually doing TikTok:

✨ To get inspiration. Trends start on TikTok and creep onto the other platforms. Hey, we might even see lip syncing on LinkedIn in 2026 😂

✨ To challenge your preconceptions. Who says charities can't do TikTok - just look at The Black Country Living Museum! 19th century social history gets the makeover it deserves (I did history at uni btw, this stuff is catnip to me)

✨ Not strictly TikTok - but TT's own how-to-use-TikTok (Google 'TikTok newsroom' website is full of useful nuggets. Trends, ideas, actual practical advice. It's one feature I'd actively encourage Meta to copy.

Happy scrolling.

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