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What Google Analytics can do for you.

A little secret about me, I LOVE Miss Marple. She's ace. I love her unassuming tweedy ways. I'm partial to a bit of Poirot too.

Maybe its because of my Agatha Christie fandom that I dig Google Analytics. I feel a little bit like a detective when I use it. Uncovering digital secrets, exposing criminally bad web pages and finding out where the hero content is hiding. 😆

I've got a theory: if Google Analytics had a rebrand and we started thinking of ourselves as undercover agents rather than data analysts I swear we'd all be chatting bounce rates and multi-channel funnels in a blink.

The truth is that given analytics can feel rather intimidating and/or dry (depending on your disposition) it can often drop off your to-list. 'Not for me' 'I don't really get it' 'No idea where to start' But Google Analytics is a super sleuth.

You can Miss Marple your way to finding out why your website isn't converting like it should, where you're losing/ gaining traffic, how customers are finding you and how they're navigating your site once they've arrived. Your personal Poirot.

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