How do Google and Facebook ads work together?

There's a limit on your budget yet you know there's truth in that cliche of Wall Street "You've got to speculate to accumulate".

So where do you put your marketing money, and how do you know you're doing the right thing?

The two giants of the tech world - Google and Facebook both offer you ways to advertise. And don't forget that's where their profits come from - advertising. There are no subscriptions, no paid content, they simply allow advertisers to reach buyers. And they do it well. The targeting, profiling and tracking is off the scale amazing [says the marketing geek].

Put simply Facebook can trigger a mood to buy. Adverts on Facebook are targeted by a customer profile. Google on the other

hand is reactive. Your ad is shown only when a user types in the term they're interested in and you're 'bidding' on those words.

There's a lot of blur in between (that's life eh). FB ads do convert to sales all the time and Google ads (depending on your bidding strategy) can bring you traffic that isn't quite ready to buy (yet). But at its most simple this is a good way to think of the two platforms and their respective strengths.

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