Life Beyond Facebook

So Facebook had a pretty intense week at the office.

Monday starts all cool at Facebook Towers. Till ringing with the sound of advertisers paying their bills. Users merrily scrolling and tapping. Whatsapps pinging.

AAAnnnnnnnd off. Plug pulled.

The Great Facebook Blackout of 2021.

The 6 hours that when we realised our reliance on Zuck and his gang was off the scale. When we tried to Whatsapp our mum. When we went to swipe Stories. When we went to look on the School Facebook Group.

Facebook is everywhere. Like, a bit scarily so.

Still reeling from its most Mondayish of Mondays, enter Frances Haugen.

Ex-FB employee and whistleblower. She stood before a Senate Committee and laid it on the line.

Her criticism blistering: that Facebook knowingly harms teens by promoting harmful content in its feed. It prioritises profits over people.

So what next for FB? The heat is on, and Facebook's torrid week feels like regulation has become inevitable.

And what next for us as marketers and our relationship with FB?

It's a toughie isn't it?

Facebook is everywhere. It's where we find customers and build communities.

But (soz, there's always a 'but' isn't there), Monday's snow day does remind us that your marketing toolkit shouldn't stop at Facebook and Instagram.

If you're wondering what else, read on:

Quick Task - Give your Google My Business profile a polish. Did you know you can post to your GMB account? Yep, that's right...just like you post to... (yikes, we can't away from IT can we 😅)

Takes longer - Email. I know it feels a bit 2003, but trust me, it's booming. No algorithm. No character limit. Bliss! Find an email marketing platform that works for you (Mailer Lite is a great starting point) and get writing to your audience (about stuff they want to hear about - just sayin'). We've all had those "We're delighted to tell you about our new range of paperclips" emails.

Here's the life beyond FB.

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