SEO: How to start

Do you think about SEO how I used to think about 110m hurdles? Cold sweat, sick do I get out of this? OK, perhaps I'm over egging it. Maybe it's more GCSE Physics? If I sit at the back no-one will notice I'm not jamming on the differences of potential energy and kinetic energy.

But honestly Google is no 110m hurdles or physics double on a Monday morning. It can be your radio-on art lesson. Good vibes.

If you think about it Google is trying to be like us. Less robot, more homo sapiens. The Google algorithm is trying to understand what us humans want to read on a webpage. So as we beat ourselves up for not being techy enough, the Googlebots are busting their guts to think like a 40-year woman from Buckinghamshire would think.

What about your SEO...if it's not all techy stuff, what is it?

It means the best place you can start is by filling your webpages with the words that your customers are using to search for the stuff you sell. Reflect their language and answer their questions. Nothing technical. Just words. The same words your customers are telling Google they want to read. It's the best place you can start. But if words aren't your schtick drop me a message. I love 'em, and I'd love to help you make web pages which get a tick from Google and a click - add to basket - from your customer.

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