What are you really selling?

⚡What is it you're really selling? ⚡

'Cos trust me it isn't your actual product.

💣Bombshell moment - your customer or client doesn't care about your product or service. Well not in the way that you do. Not in that all-consuming-I-know-everything-and-it's-kinda-my-life-way.

Your customer cares about what it DOES for them. Not what it IS.

The compelling bit of your product, the bit which'll get your people clicking and buying is how it makes them feel.

Perhaps it's about confidence or maybe it taps into their values, maybe it's about reducing their stress, or solving a particular business problem.

But whatever it is you need to speak about what your thing does, and how it'll make life better, not those nitty gritty features.

Once you've figured out what you're really selling it makes it so much easier to get your message across with resonance.

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