Power Hour +

A quick injection of marketing magic.

Running your socials, dabbling with ads, thinking about SEO or just in a muddle with your marketing?

Want some tailored marketing help that's just about you?

A Power Hour is a short, sharp and super focused way to unlock your marketing problems and get your questions answered.

This is your time, and you get to set the agenda.

Some topics we could focus are on are:

  • How to start with digital marketing

  • How to create a digital marketing strategy

  • Spark up your social media

  • How could social media work for you?

  • Getting started with paid social ads

  • Hacks and tips for social media management

  • An introduction to Google Ads

  • Troubleshooting your marketing

  • Lead Magnets and email nurture sequences

  • Copywriting for social media, email and your website

  • An introduction to SEO and how it can work for you.

  • Whatever is bugging you!

Power up your marketing for just £99

1 hour session on Zoom