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Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can really help charities get noticed and achieve what they set out to do.

Boost your charity's message and connect with the right audience.

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They're quick to scale and get going.

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They allow you to get your message/ product in front of the right people...quickly.

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Iterate and optimise as the campaign matures.

Why use paid social ads?

Paid social ads are a must-have for charities wanting to stand out online. Think of them as your shortcut to getting seen by the people who matter most to your cause. 

These ads aren't just for show; they're a smart way to target the right people, draw more visitors to your site, and get more hands on deck.

In short, if you want your charity to grab attention in the crowded world of social media, paid ads are the way to go.

How it works

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Tell us your goals and your


We'll gather the necessary information to create a solution that is bespoke to you.


We work with you to create a strategy and practical plan which will support you in reaching your goals.


The great thing about paid social is that you can test, learn and optimise as you go. The campaign may be live but we always work to improve and optimise.

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Thank you The Polka team for your enthusiastic support of our events this season. Without your exceptional knowledge of Meta and your guidance on how powerful this medium of advertising is, we would not have seen the success that we saw this year

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