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Social media to connect with          your audience

We create brilliant content that resonates with your audience on the platforms where they hang out.

Social Media can feel overwhelming.

Constantly changing and ever demanding.

Our aim is to simplify social for you.

We can take social off your hands, clear your to-do list and manage it completely, or we provide training workshops to up-skill you and your team.

What help do you need with social media?

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Why bother with social media?

In today's world, social media isn't just helpful for businesses; it's essential. We believe that really understanding and connecting with your audience is what makes digital marketing work. That's where social media comes in.


It's a fantastic way for businesses to actually hear what their customers are saying and build a community around their brand. Social media brings your brand to life, allowing you to share content that speaks directly to your audience, creating real, lasting relationships. This isn't just good for keeping loyal customers; it also helps you stay in tune with what people want and need, keeping your business up to date and relevant.


Let us show you how to use social media to chat, connect, and grow a community around your brand, leading to real growth and success.

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The Polka is brilliant. They have been a tremendous help in getting our social media off the ground. As a small charity embarking on our social media journey, it has been incredibly beneficial to have The Polka's expertise. They have genuinely taken the time to understand our charity's needs, assist us in defining our key messages, and determine the most effective ways to convey them to the right audiences.
Hamlin Fistula UK

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