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Free paid social campaign
budget calculator 

Use our easy calculator to help plan your paid social campaign budgets.

Plan your campaign and know what budget you need to spend to reach your goals

(no sign up needed - use it straight away 😊)

Read more useful marketing articles. 

Our marketing blog is packed with more useful marketing resources.

At The Polka, we provide a comprehensive collection of free marketing resources to help you enhance your digital strategies. Whether you need tools for paid social campaigns, SEO kickstart guides, or customer understanding workbooks, we've got you covered.


Featured Resources:

Paid Social Campaign Budget Calculator:
Efficiently plan and allocate your social media advertising budget with our easy-to-use calculator.

SEO Kickstart Guide:
Boost your website's visibility with actionable SEO strategies and best practices outlined in our detailed guide.

Audience Understanding Workbook:
Gain deeper insights into your target audience with our comprehensive workbook designed for better customer understanding.

Explore these and more to elevate your marketing efforts. For additional tips and tools, visit our blog.

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