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Great email communications saves you time,
builds relationships and helps you achieve your goals.

Email works!

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Automations deliver a professional experience to your customer and save you hours of time

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Talk to your audience directly.

Nurture your relationship and send communication at the right moment (no middle man. No algorithm)


Use email lists to build your audience. You own the data (not a social media network)

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The bottom line is

emails deliver goals, leads, donations

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If you're struggling with:

  • Setting up an email marketing platform.

  • Defining your tone of voice and using it consistently.

  • Writing. Getting the words on the page.

  • Time. You've got so much other stuff to do.

  • Setting up automations and email sequences.

Transform your email marketing with our range of services:

  • Newsletters: Keep your audience engaged with regular updates and valuable content.

  • Automated Sequences: A series of pre-scheduled emails triggered by specific actions, such as sign-ups or purchases. These sequences ensure timely, relevant communication, nurturing leads and guiding them through the customer journey with minimal effort.

  • Personalised Campaigns: From welcome emails to follow-up reminders, each campaign is crafted to meet your specific goals.

Let us help you save time, build relationships, and achieve your objectives with expertly crafted email campaigns designed to resonate and convert.

What next?

Let's get email marketing working for you.

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Let's chat

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We'll propose a solution that works for you

Let's chat email

Thanks for submitting!

We believe in the quiet power of a well-crafted email.

In a world where algorithms can make or break your online presence, owning your data and directly reaching your audience is vital.

​Email allows you to develop genuine connections, fostering a sense of community with your audience, without the whims of social media algorithms dictating the conversation.


And let's not forget, amidst all the chit-chat about the latest digital trends, email remains a steadfast channel that not only converses but also converts.


It's not just about sending messages; it's about starting meaningful conversations that resonate and bring results.

Potter Paws

A weekly email to our client base used to be the thing that always remained on my to do list - I knew what needed to be said but either never found time to put pen to 'paper' or couldn't get the words to come out in a legible fashion when I did. Thanks to The Polka a huge wait has been lifted, every week a draft email lands in my inbox which is exactly what I need to say in a fun and engaging way. The best part is that it also creates new conversations and business from clients too.

Wildwood Coaching

Before I met The Polka I knew I wanted to get started with an email list but didn't know where to begin. The Polka helped to guide me every step of the way. From designing a lead magnet, writing and setting up the sequencing through to copywriting my first email. The Polka also helped to generate ideas for my digital marketing content strategy. They're a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, professional, responsive and I feel a whole lot better knowing I have them on hand to support me with my digital marketing needs.
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Fancy a freebie?

Check out our range of free marketing resources including:

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