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Social media to connect with          your supporters

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media can be a daunting task for charities, with its relentless pace and constant shifts.

Our goal is to demystify social media for your organisation.

Whether you prefer to entrust us with your social media management, freeing up your team's time to focus on core activities, or to empower your people through our comprehensive training workshops, we're here to support your charity's digital journey.

What help do you need with social media?

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Is social media right for charities?

In the interconnected world of today, social media is indispensable for charities. It's about truly understanding and engaging with your community that turns digital marketing into a powerful tool for change. Social media is where this connection happens.

It's an exceptional channel for charities to listen to their supporters, share their stories, and cultivate a community aligned with their vision. Social media gives your cause a voice, enabling you to communicate directly with your audience and build meaningful, lasting relationships. This engagement is vital, not just for maintaining a dedicated following but also for keeping your finger on the pulse of societal needs and expectations, ensuring your charity remains pertinent and impactful.

Allow us to guide you in leveraging social media to start conversations, forge connections, and nurture a community that supports and expands your charitable impact.

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The Polka is brilliant. They have been a tremendous help in getting our social media off the ground. As a small charity embarking on our social media journey, it has been incredibly beneficial to have The Polka's expertise. They have genuinely taken the time to understand our charity's needs, assist us in defining our key messages, and determine the most effective ways to convey them to the right audiences.
Hamlin Fistula UK

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