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The Magnetic Brands Method
For Charities

Unlock your potential for success with The Magnetic Brand Method, designed specifically for charities like yours. 

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Would you like to: 

► Expand your reach to new audiences?  

► Forge meaningful connections with those who value your cause?  

► Cultivate strong relationships with your existing supporters?  

► Boost your fundraising efforts and secure vital resources for your mission? 

We understand the urgency to launch marketing and fundraising campaigns, but it's crucial to lay a solid foundation first. Rushing into activities without a well-defined strategy and a deep understanding of your audience will only yield short-term gains. To truly create long term success and realise the vision of your charity you need a magnetic brand that attracts and engages your audience. 

The Magnetic Brand Method will support you to: 

► Craft a compelling proposition that cuts through the noise and captivates hearts.  

► Equips you with the confidence and clarity to effectively convey the messages that are important to you.  

► Uncover unique ways to connect with your supporters to drive successful fundraising, marketing and communication outcomes. 

How does The Magnetic Brand Method work? 


Define your challenge 

What is the vision and mission of your charity? 

What are you trying to achieve? 

Where are your bottlenecks? 

What’s stopping you reaching your goals?


Get under the skin of your supporters 

Why is your cause important to them? 

What would motivate them to support you? 

What’s stopping them supporting you? 


The Magic 

How can you connect with you supporters and inspire them to action. 

Activate your magnetic brand 

You know what your audience wants. 

And how to connect with them. 

You've created a proposition with resonance.  

You've got the foundations of a magnetic brand. 

What next?  

Social Media 

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Our social media marketing service is crafted to unleash the true essence of your magnetic brand. From strategic content curation to data-driven analytics, let us be your digital brand guardian and activate your charity's full potential today.

Email Campaigns & Newsletters 

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The engine of successful fundraising and communications!  

We specialise in crafting compelling email campaigns to engage your supporters. Designed to engage your audience and prompt action. Bring your magnetic brand to life with smart email marketing. 

Content & SEO 

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Reach more potential supporters and create content that real people want to read.  

Great content and SEO go hand in hand. Activate your magnetic brand and be seen and heard in the right places! 

Do you need help?


Tell us about your charity and what you'd like to achieve. 


We'll come up with a proposal with costings and a plan. 

Hamlin Fistula UK

The Polka is brilliant. They have been a tremendous help in getting our social media off the ground. As a small charity embarking on our social media journey, it has been incredibly beneficial to have The Polka's expertise. They have genuinely taken the time to understand our charity's needs, assist us in defining our key messages, and determine the most effective ways to convey them to the right audiences.

Partnership for Young London

“It was fantastic working with The Polka on our research project with young Londoners. The support they provided was essential in our goal of reaching over 1,000 young Londoners in our research though Meta advertising. We had a clear set of challenges, with Meta often being incredibly difficult to navigate. The Polka helped steer us through with their support and advice, with their quick work and responses being absolutely vital in a project with such tight timelines.”

The God Who Speaks

The Polka has helped transform my start-up campaign and website by dramatically increasing my web traffic, CTRs, social media visibility and deeper content engagement in just 6 months. The Polka is brilliant to work with, flexible, fun, creative and instantly able to know what I need to develop my campaign further. Their ability to explain marketing strategy and tactics so clearly are a gift for helping me understand the changes I need to make in order to extend my audience reach.
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