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Paid Social Campaign Budget Calculator

Use our free paid social campaign budget calculator to help you plan your next campaign.

Plan your campaign budget and model different scenarios for your paid social campaign with our free calculator.

How to use the calculator

1. Type in the number of 'leads' or 'sign ups' you need in the top box

2. Enter the conversion rate of your website lead/ sign up page

3. Provide the Cost Per Impression (CPM). 

4. Estimate the ad click-through-rate

Of course you may not know the CPM or ad click through rate. You can estimate and notice how changes pto these numbers affect the budget. 

A particular key number is your page (website) conversion rate. This calculator demonstrates how important it is to optimise your site to improve conversion

The Calculator

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Paid Social For Charities

Need to increase donations?

Want more sign ups?

Paid social is a great way to engage with supporters

Contemporary art collage. Human hand holding megaphones and spreading fake news. Concept o

Paid Social For Business

Want to improve brand awareness?

Need more leads?

Want to nurture prospects?

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