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Cardiomyopathy UK:
A deep audience understanding

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Cardiomyopathy UK:
A deep audience understanding


Cardiomyopathy UK engaged in a strategic initiative to refine its understanding of its diverse audience. The goal was to enhance the charity's communication and engagement strategies through in-depth audience research.


To conduct comprehensive audience research to inform and improve messaging and engagement tactics.

To update and enrich existing personas with new insights, ensuring communications are tailored and impactful.



The project involved detailed interviews with key stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, partners, service users, and supporters. A total of nine interviews were conducted via video conferencing, each lasting around an hour. The interview script was collaboratively developed with the client, undergoing several iterations to ensure relevance across different stakeholder groups.



The analysis of the interviews provided Cardiomyopathy UK with critical takeaways, enabling the charity to build upon current personas with newfound insights. This led to a more nuanced understanding of the audience's needs and preferences.



The audience research project had a profound impact on how Cardiomyopathy UK communicates with its stakeholders.


With enhanced personas, the charity could deliver more personalised and effective messages, fostering stronger relationships and better support for those affected by cardiomyopathy.


Charlotte Sills, Head of Fundraising & Communications said:

"The audience research project was highly valuable for us. It allowed us to hear directly from our stakeholders and understand their unique journeys and challenges. The insights gained will be pivotal in shaping our communication strategies, making them more empathetic and responsive to the needs of our community."

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