3 tips to bring out the writer in you.

Are you feeling the words won't come? No flow? Keys stuck? I'm sharing three tips to unblock the writer in you and unstick your copy.

Whether you write social media posts, website pages, email newsletters- you've got words to write, and your fingers aren't moving.

So here goes:

1. You know that time old tip told to would-be presenters: pick one person in the room and speak to them. Same with the words. Bring to life your customer. Turn them into a character and write to them. No-one can write words that will click with everyone, so don't try.

2. Your writing is your voice. Of course. But don't confuse using your voice with being your subject. The words you're writing are for your customer. To inspire, to help, to serve, to educate, to cheer. Whatever the purpose of your writing your customer is the protagonist in this story.

3. Edit. Chop. Delete. Your first draft is just that, your first stab. It won't be the final version that you publish, send or post. So get used to the process of writing, and then rewriting. It's totally normal 😊 Hope that helps.

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