Is the cookie crumbling? What IOS14.5 means for advertisers.

This isn't about actual biscuits. Though since you mention it - chocolate digestive (dunked) please.

This is about IOS14.5. And what Apple's operating system update means for advertisers.

Apple is on the brink of rolling out its cookie-chopping update - IOS14.5 - where users will be actively asked to opt in to cookies. Eek say advertisers. That's a curveball.

And indeed it is.

If you run Facebook Ads don't depair. Facebook has been beavering away in Menlo Park to make sure trackable advertising revenue doesn't fall off a cliff.

Wanna know what to do in the face of IOS14.5 before your cookies crumble:

🌟 Verify your domain. Make sure FB knows you're the real deal. You can do this with a meta tag or via your DNS settings.

🌟 Turn on Facebook's Conversions API. This is a way of tracking server-server rather than via a browser. Don't worry about the techy stuff, it's just about trying to track behaviour if cookies are off.

🌟 New rule alert: FB are only allowing 8 'conversion' events (Page Views don't count). So use Events Manager within your Business Manager account to set up your 8 priority events.

Pass the tea (I think I've gone off biscuits 😆). I think I need it after all of that 😉

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