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Unlocking the magic of TASIS England

Unlocking the magic of TASIS England 

Case Study

We partnered with TASIS England, an independent 

co-educational day and boarding school, to align their marketing communications with their mission and ensure consistent messaging throughout their various marketing activities. 

We developed a practical and time-saving tool for the entire team, ensuring effective communication of what makesTASIS England a brilliant school.


TASIS England has a clear and purposeful mission that guides their educational approach and sets them apart in the competitive landscape of education. The school sought to effectively communicate their mission to both current and prospective parents and students in all their marketing activity. They recognised the need for consistent messaging across all marketing communications to create a cohesive brand identity and demonstrate the magic of TASIS England.



We conducted in-depth stakeholder interviews, spending hours engaging with various members of the TASIS England community. The goal was to understand and capture the essence of TASIS England and find out why the school holds such a special place in the hearts of all who know it. We engaged with faculty, staff, parents, and students to gather insights and perspectives on the unique attributes and values of TASIS England. 


Putting strategy into practice: 

Using the insight gained from our research phase we developed a comprehensive messaging matrix. This matrix serves as a reference document that guides the development of consistent and resonant marketing communications. 

The matrix defines which messages are right for each audience group 

and the stage of their journey with TASIS England. For example, the team could pick a relocating family who has not yet heard of TASIS England and use the document to find the right message for them. Each message is ‘tagged’ with a part of the school’s mission to ensure the mission stays core to all communication. 


How is the matrix used? 

The marketing and communications team now use the messaging matrix across all marketing activities, including website content, social media posts, email newsletters, advertising copy, etc. They know their communication is always consistent and on brand. 


Key Benefits 

Consistent Messaging: TASIS England achieved a high level ofconsistency in their marketing communications, ensuring that their missionand core values were consistently conveyed across all marketing activities. 

Increased efficiency: By eliminating the need to create messages fromscratch for every marketing activity, the team saves valuable time andincreases productivity. 

Enhanced Brand Identity: The use of the messaging matrix contributed to a stronger and more cohesive brand identity, allowing TASIS England to stand out in the competitive education landscape. 

Increased Engagement: The resonant and consistent messaging engages the target audience, resulting in a deeper connection with current and prospective parents and students. 



Through this piece of work the school successfully aligned their marketing communications with their mission and achieved consistent messaging across all marketing activities. The development and implementation of the messaging matrix resulted in a stronger brand identity and increased engagement with their target audience. 


"Partnering with The Polka Digital has been instrumental in helping us convey our mission and proposition consistently and effectively. Their dedication to understanding our unique strengths and values allowed us to create a messaging matrix that resonates with our community. Our marketing communications now reflect not only the magic of TASIS England but also they resonate with the needs and concerns of our core target personas."

Christina Adamopoulou, Head of Marketing & Communications 

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