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Cardiomyopathy UK: SEO Audit


SEO: How to make
it better


Cardiomyopathy UK recognised the need to improve its online visibility to reach and support more individuals affected by heart muscle diseases. An SEO audit was undertaken to identify opportunities to enhance the charity's website performance and search engine rankings.


To conduct a thorough SEO audit, identifying current performance and areas for improvement.

To provide a set of prioritised recommendations for SEO strategies to increase website traffic and user engagement.



The SEO audit encompassed a keyword analysis, on-page content review, and technical SEO assessment. This comprehensive approach allowed for a detailed understanding of the website's current SEO performance.


Putting strategy into practice: 

Using the insight gained from our research phase we developed a comprehensive messaging matrix. This matrix serves as a reference document that guides the development of consistent and resonant marketing communications. 

The matrix defines which messages are right for each audience group 

and the stage of their journey with TASIS England. For example, the team could pick a relocating family who has not yet heard of TASIS England and use the document to find the right message for them. Each message is ‘tagged’ with a part of the school’s mission to ensure the mission stays core to all communication. 



The audit provided Cardiomyopathy UK with a clear overview of its SEO strengths and weaknesses, along with a prioritised list of recommendations for improvement.



With the insights from the SEO audit, Cardiomyopathy UK will be equipped to make informed decisions on optimising its website. The implementation of these recommendations was projected to enhance the charity's search engine rankings, leading to increased site traffic and engagement.


Charlotte Sills, Head of Fundraising & Communications said:

"The SEO audit was a critical step for us in enhancing our digital presence. The detailed analysis and clear recommendations have given us a roadmap to not only improve our search engine rankings but also to make our website more accessible and user-friendly. This is crucial in helping us reach more people with our support and services."

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